Schnidt Cartage was started as a local trucking company in 1944 to serve the needs of the Chicagoland. We have since grown from a one-truck outfit to a fleet of over 30 trucks. Schnidt Cartage, Inc. continually strives to provide its customers with the most reliable and cost effective local cartage and warehousing available. This commitment to our customers has resulted in many loyalties; some customers have been with the company for

over 30 years!

Over the decades, Schnidt Cartage has relocated many times to satisfy demands for expansion. Each time the company relocated, Schnidt Cartage, Inc. branched out into new services and functions to accommodate ever-changing needs of its customers. Finally in 2000, Schnidt Cartage, Inc. found a home in Hanover Park, IL. that has become a leading warehouse and distribution facility in the Chicago Area. Although local trucking remains the specialty; warehousing, freight consolidation, cross docking, house drivers, and service to Wisconsin have made Schnidt Cartage Inc. a certifiable "one stop shop" for many customers. Looking into the future, Schnidt Cartage, Inc. is seeking to maintain industry leadership in compliance with many of the new laws and precautions that resulted from September 11, 2001 (9/11).

Schnidt Cartage, Inc. 1625 Hunter Court, Hanover Park, Illinois 60133 Telephone:630-736-6900

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